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red lion winsford

george borowski's no.1 fan 04/06/2012
hi can you come and play again the red lion in winsford.

Gig Requests

Fansite 04/06/2012
If you want george to come and play in your local pub, club, town, village ect. please put your name, contact email, and where u want george to come and play and we will send it to george and we will try our best to get george to come and play wherever you have asked him to come and play.

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Your Stories With/About George

In the car behind

KDS 26/03/2012
Following behind George after a gig - Christmas 2010 - 3.00am n snowing. George is pulled by the Police and breathalyzed - all ok. George is then seen getting his guitar out of the boot and plays a 4 song set on a snow covered roundabout at the request of the four officers on duty! George then travels the remaining 5 minute journey home, makes up flasks of coffee and takes it back to 4 very grateful freezing cold cops !! Many smiles and 'Merry Christmas's' exchanged by all :) :)

inspired ringtone

luke sumner 20/02/2012
one of the best times that i have spent with george is when he was playing a solo set at inspire and he played common poverty games. starting the intro to the last verse georges phone started to ring. it was to funny.
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Fansite 13/04/2012
If anyone has any pictures of george solo/ band can they email them to georgeborowskiinfo@mail.com

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