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George Borowski .......................... A Profile

"I have never seen a rock 'n roll performer so completely connected with what he was doing on stage" Frank Black - Pixies

"George has an uncanny ability to straddle the divide and deliver a message to all camps" Terry Christian - DJ

"One of the most gifted singer/songwriters and natural performers I have ever seen" Mick Middles - Music Journalist/Writer

"A unique singer-songwriter with a righteous howl - George is one of the reasons I became a musician" Jimi Goodwin - Doves

"It's been a priviledge for me to have known and worked with George Borowski for the last ten years" Norman Blake - Teenage Fanclub


Over the years George's association with an ever-growing list of artistes as diverse as PIXIES MEATLOAF PAUL BRADY SAD CAFE THE WATER BOYS TEENAGE FANCLUB BONNIE RAITT RADIOHEAD the list goes on, has earned him the highest level of respect from those on the 'inside' whilst also being able to reach and appeal to those on the 'outside' with his rarefied combination of presence, performance and beautifully crafted words of art.

Music with a message for all, delivered with a passion - George's songwriting winds it's way through pop, rock, country, blue suede tunes in true rock 'n roll style, socially aware masterpieces with haunting lyrics and those lump-in-the-throat power ballads which carry that definitive GB stamp.

Tours have taken George across Europe America Australia Japan Brazil and Scandanavia in the company of world renowned artistes of all musical genres.

Albums: Who is innocent, The Bait, Cecil Road, Guitar George, Talkin to Jesus

Things you may not yet know about George Borowski: Had his own radio show on Manchester's 'Radio Space' Most unusual gig: Styal Womens Prison ! Sang opera before turning to the guitar Has had tracks produced by Oscar winner George Fenton Is a direct blood relative of Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov

George Borowski is represented by: The Centrum management and production

t +44 (0) 1625 423211

m 07956 045 186